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Shall you wish to conduct in the Dominican Republic a thorough "search" or "application" of any Trademark, Trade Name, Slogan, Design, etc., please provide us with the following Information as described below.

Upon receipt and evaluation, we will provide you with precise information on total cost (fees plus expenses) for the services requested. Once you confirm your acceptance, we will then proceed as instructed. 

If you need to send us information regarding more than one brand name, logo, etc., please re-send your information as many times as needed. Sorry for this inconveniance. 

Thank you

Please conduct a SEARCH, but only on the backgrounds of the following:

Personal Information.  

Your Name 

Address 1 

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Telephone No. 

Fax No. 



Your Product(s)/Service(s) Information:   

Please select one: Conduct a "SEARCH" only. 
Conduct a "SEARCH" and if available, file a.s.a.p. for an "APPLICATION".

Brand Name 

Indicate below the applicable International class(es) and describe goods and/or services covered:  

YesNoA Logo/Design is to be included.

I acknowledge that the term period covered by the application is ten (10) years

A Power of Attorney is required to file for the "Application" (not for the "Search"). Said document needs to be certified with the Seal of Apostille (if available) or via the nearest Dominican Consulate. 

Please send me a model of the Power of Attorney by:  E-mail
Air Mail

Once your request is received, we will contact you by email immediately.

I agree to all of the above. 

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  Updated: July 9, 2011