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Position: Member. Born La Vega, Dominican Republic, December 25, 1924. 

Admitted: 1946, Dominican Republic.  

Education: Syracuse University, New York, U.S.A., University of Santo Domingo (Doctor of Law, 1946). Notary Public, Professor of Economics, Faculty of Law, University of Santo Domingo, 1960-1965. Member of the Staff of Pedro Henríquez Ureña University, 1966. Founder Director of the Dominican Stock Exchange. Lecturer at APEC, Iberoamericana, Pontificia Catolica Madre y Maestra Universities. (Notary Public).  

Languages: Spanish and English. 

Practice Areas: Corporate Law; Business Law; Company Law; Stock Exchange Regulations; Foreign Investments; Income Tax Law.  

International Postal Address & Fax: 

L. Emmanuel Ramos 
7801 NW 37 Street 
Miami, FL 33166 

Direct Fax Number: (809) 686-5962 


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